EMS Training

At Swift Fitness, we use XBody EMS (electro muscle stimulation) training which helps our clients achieve maximum fitness results through a full body workout. Using the XBody suits we are able to target up to 12 muscle groups simultaneously, contracting at 85 times per second and targeting more muscle fibers than a traditional workout. This means that the client is able to engage in a more effective workout in only 20 minutes.

The intensity of the workout is fully-adjustable by the trainers so that the client receives a training session customised to their needs. Results using EMS training can be seen within 8 weeks with only one session per week.


  • We can train up to 5 people at a time
  • 1 wired and 4 wireless
  • Ideal for friends, family, and corporate teams to train together
  • Please allow 40 – 50 minutes for group sessions

InBody Scale

The InBody scale is a method of analysing various elements of body composition; namely, body fat, minerals and body water, lean muscle mass, muscle imbalances, visceral fat, current and target weight. This is an important part of understanding where you need to concentrate your efforts and acts as a guide to achieving your health and fitness goals, whether that is shedding a few kilos or a complete body transformation.

The InBody scale is a highly accurate measurement tool which is available for use in our studio. The scale prints out a composition analysis sheet that breaks down your health metrics into relevant categories. Using this information, the exercise experience is tailored to your unique needs.

Why this will work for you

EMS is a revolutionary form of training. It allows busy people to reap the benefits of an intense workout in under 20 minutes, once a week without risk of injury. That means that the equivalent of sacrificing one lunch break a week to a session will lead to a more defined, stronger, healthier you.

Every person’s body is different, presenting unique strengths, challenges and opportunities. With the use of the Inbody scale, we are able to analyse body composition such as body fat, lean body mass, minerals and body water. This information enables us to adjust the XBody machine to the optimal frequency for your fitness trajectory.

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