Co-founders Adrian and Riaan have both been interested in fitness for some time and often discussed their training with each other. One day, during one of these discussions, Riaan mentioned how exciting it would be to start a gym. Adrian agreed at the prospect and so the duo begun to hatch a plan to realise their shared dream.

After much research, they happened upon EMS training and signed up for a session. They were so impressed by the technology and the workout it gave them they knew that this was the route they needed to go. After some hard work, Swift Fitness was born!

Adrian Badminton

Adrian discovered his passion for health and fitness upon leaving school. He joined a gym, which saw his latent love for exercise take hold.

He enrolled in the Exercise Teachers Academy (ETA) in 2012 to expand his knowledge and qualified as a Personal Trainer, finding work at Virgin Active and the Bike Plus High Altitude cycling centre.  He then went back to studying, completing an Honours degree in psychology and a masters in sociology. His psychology background stands complimentary to his passion for fitness as he has an understanding of how exercise is not only physically beneficial but has psycho-social benefits as a catalyst for positive change in the lives of SwiftFitness clients.

Riaan Steyn

Riaan has always had a passion for sport and wellness. At school he participated in various sporting disciplines and has achieved provincial and national colours. Whilst studying Mechanical Engineering he simultaneously discovered that his passion lies in helping people change their lives through fitness.

After studying he completed his Personal Training course and started his career at Virgin Active as a Personal Trainer. He also ran a successful mobile Personal Training gym. In order to step in to the business sector with confidence, he also obtained a Bachelor of Commerce. Riaan now partners with Adrian as they pursue their joint vision: to change the way people see and experience the fitness industry by combining fitness and technology.

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