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Frequently Asked Questions

Electro muscle stimulation sends small, electrical pulses to your major muscle groups causing them to contract. You are guided through a series of exercises by a trainer. They adjust the impulses according to your fitness level and specific body measurements.

Yes. Everyone is different, but you should start to see results by the eighth week of EMS training.

No, it doesn’t hurt.  The impulses are adjusted to a comfortable contraction or pulse for the client to perform the exercises. The depth of the pulses can be adjusted as well. If a client is overweight, the pulse will need greater ‘force’ to get to the underlying muscle, for example, but it will not be detectable by the client.

Yes. EMS training is well-researched and has been used to rehabilitate athletes for decades. A knowledgeable trainer always takes the session, which will ensure safe operation.

EMS training is safe for any person UNLESS:

  • They are pregnant
  • They have a pacemaker

It does not matter what you wear to training, as you will be removing most of it! The EMS body suit works best when you are wearing nothing beneath, bar the cotton-based layer and your underwear. We provide a private space in-studio where you can get changed.

No. The XBody machines and the training can be adjusted according to individual’s needs.

We recommend training at least once a week

As little as R250 per session. See our pricing table.

Sessions are kept small with a maximum of 4 people in one session.

Got another question? Don’t hesitate to get in touch; we’d be glad to assist!